Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Missed

It’s a fresh start.  This cannot be denied.  It is an opportunity to go to a new place, learn new things, shed the old and embrace the new . . .

Yes, this old girl is flexible.  I can thank God and a lot of crisis in my life for teaching me the virtue of letting go.

There are a lot of good things about leaving the old and learning the new:

  • Getting out from under a financially crippling house payment
  • A house that needs more work than value
  • Neighbors that suck
  • Lots of work here out in the country
  • Poor phone service and internet
  • Just to name a few . . .

Missing the good things, well, they will be missed
  • Family, friends and familiarity
  • A job that I LOVE!
  • The pond, the dogs, the geese and the wildlife
  • Throwing the Frisbee off the deck an watching the Labs dive in after it

  • The times the Frisbee submerges and watching the dogs swim in circles for minutes looking for it
  • The first family of baby geese in the spring
  • The great parenting skills of mama and papa goose as they teach their babies to swim, eat and fly
  • The motor-boat sound of the adolescent geese as they take flying lessons from their parents
  • 40 finches on the pole feeders at one time
  • Woodpeckers, oriels, purple martins, blue herons . . .
  • The northern lights over the pond
  • Cutting the grass on a lawnmower that goes 20 mph!
  • Grilling salmon on a plank from the wrap-around deck
  • All the windows and natural light
  • Chelsea, Cleary’s, the Common Grill . . .
  • Tommy Foster
  • Sounds & Sights
  • Clients, prospects and first-time buyers
  • Co-workers
  • My mother’s grave
What will you miss?